Our Friends

Here’s a little more about some of the people who’ve played their part in helping us bring you the finest coffee fueled mushrooms your money can buy!


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Will Morris

The beautiful mushroom illustrations on our Kitchen Garden packs are William Morris originals – penned by the fair hand of this fine Edinburgh based illustrator.

When not drawing mushrooms Will takes on all types of illustration including his highly acclaimed graphic novel The Silver Darlings – have a browse of his work here.


Josie Jeffery

Robbie was lucky enough to meet Josie at a Seedy Sunday event in Brighton when they put two and two together and made Seedbombs!

Josie is the country’s authority on Seedbombs – she’s even written a book on it and runs workshops around the country. Josie hand makes the our seedbombs using her know-how and our Espresso Mushroom compost – she even hand harvests some of the wild flower tea seeds that we use.

You can find out more here


Juanan Eguiguren

Juanan Eguiguren from Zeroo Gravity Films made our Mushroom Time-lapse film over two weeks in March. Not only is he an expert mushroom farmer, patiently watching them come to life and capturing their every move, he makes amazing films on everything from monkeys and snow leopards to current affairs reportage and is a pleasure to work with!

Check out his latest productions here

ecotricity logo


Ecotricity is an energy company unlike any other. It takes the money its customers spend on their energy bills and uses it to build new sources of Green Energy – harnessing power from the wind, the sun and the sea.

We’re delighted to partner with them to make it even more appealing to make that switch to green energy – details of special offer here

Small Batch Coffee logo

Small Batch Coffee Company

We’re big fans of Small Batch Coffee Company. Not just because they make the best lattes in Brighton and Hove, but also because they fuel our mushrooms!

Keep your eyes out around closing time and you’ll see Robbie or Jon sneaking in, drinking a quick espresso then struggling out with 20kgs of coffee grounds.

Heather Wilkinson

Heather Wilkinson – HewDesign

Heather was one of our first ever customers at our first ever market. She bought a handful of our oyster mushrooms, photographed them, and made them into a delicious oyster mushroom, dill and walnut tart which she also photographed. It looks beautiful.

She writes a food and lifestyle blog Breakfast by the Sea and is a freelance photographer. Take a look through the beautifully styled photos on her site and you’ll be drooling. Heather also photographed our Hot Pinks and Pearl Oyster Kitchen Gardens although found them challenging as they wouldn’t stay still for the camera!


We’re always looking to expand our network and make new friends, so if you’re interested in partnering with Espresso Mushroom Company, don’t hesitate to get in touch, email info@espressomushroom.co.uk or say hi on twitter

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