Growing your own mushrooms on coffee grounds is an unusual idea, which makes it such a great gift – but we know you’ll have lots of questions!

These are answers to some of the most common – and if this still doesn’t answer them, get in touch with us.

What’s in the box?

Each kitchen garden contains everything you need to grow oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds

  • Growbag; this contains the coffee, it looks white as the mushroom has effectively ‘taken root’ in the coffee and is now ready to grow out into a bouquet of oyster mushrooms
  • Eco – Spray pump – this is to water the mushrooms as they grow. It fits neatly onto most water / soft drink bottles so saves on plastic. If you don’t have a suitable bottle, you can simply spray from a glass of water!
  • Recipe Card – there are many ways to cook your mushrooms and you’ll have lots of time to think it about it while they grow, but if you’re stuck for ideas, check out our recipe!

How long does it take to grow

Every kit is different, we’ve had kits that have been ready to eat in 10 days and others that take over 3 weeks, however most kits are ready after 2 weeks.

For the first week you won’t see much, but during the second week (typically after 7-10 days) the mushrooms will emerge as tiny ‘pin-heads’ then grow quickly doubling in size every day!

How often should I water the kit?

It’s important to water the kit with the mist spray every day to keep the moisture under the plastic flaps. If you’re going away for the weekend they’ll usually be ok so long as it’s not in direct sunlight.

It looks white, where’s the coffee?

It looks white as the mushroom has effectively ‘taken root’ in the coffee and is now ready to grow out into a bouquet of oyster mushrooms. Each kit contains at least 75% coffee

Are the mushrooms edible? What do they taste like?

Yes, the mushrooms are certainly edible – our oyster mushrooms are served in some of Brighton’s top quality restaurants.

They have an enticing velvety appearance, smooth firm texture and a delicately rich flavour with a fresh peppery scent. This makes them an excellent ingredient for soups, risottos, casseroles– or luxurious mushrooms on toast! Have a look at the Recipes section of our website for inspiration!

How many mushrooms will it grow?

Each pack is different and the mushrooms grow in all shapes, sizes and even colours!!

The mushrooms are affected by the climate, moisture, their age, individual genetics and other atmospheric conditions. Some kits will grow lots of smaller mushrooms, others will be fewer mushrooms that may be much bigger!

Our biggest yield from the first crop was over 500g, which was excellent. 150-200g is a more normal yield, but it will vary from pack to pack based on the above factors.

How long will it last?

We recommend for best results that you store the kit in a dry cupboard at a stable temperature and open up within one month of purchase.

You should get your first harvest within 2 weeks.

Typically you should expect two good sized harvests, then up to 4 in total, although the 3rd and 4th are less reliable, and take longer and have less fruit as there are fewer nutrients left in the coffee.

After the first harvest, leave the Kitchen Garden to rest for 10 days then start again by soaking the growbag in water etc – although before you give it the soak, check for mini mushrooms that may be growing ‘unprompted’!

What if my mushrooms don’t grow?

We’re confident all our Kitchen Garden kits will deliver the goods, but if for any reason you’re struggling, we’re happy to give you specific advice and if necessary, replace the grow-bag.

Our contact details are in the pack – email info@espressomushroom.co.uk and we’ll get back to you swiftly!

How do i know when the mushrooms are ready to harvest?

The mushroom are ready to harvest when then the edges of the caps on top start to ‘turn up’ – just like the image on the front of the box, or photos on our facebook page, or read our blog post When is the right time to harvest my mushrooms?.

What’s the white powder coming from the mushrooms?

If you see white powder coming from the mushrooms, it means they’re dropping their spores. This means you’ve left them slightly too long before harvesting, but don’t worry, harvest them anyway, and they should still be pretty good!

What should I do when I’ve finished growing mushrooms?

Be sure to recycle the box.

The coffee / mushroom inside the growbag is now a nutritionally rich soil enhancer.

Empty the compost form the bag, break it up and sprinkle in pots of houseplants or onto flower beds for them to enjoy too!

How can I find out more?

We’d love to see photos of your mushrooms growing, and the culinary delights you create with them, so please join us and share on facebook and twitter.

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