Gift voucher for Kitchen Garden front with christmassy holly

Gift Voucher – give now, grow later!

By popular demand we’ve created gift vouchers for our Kitchen Gardens!

As Christmas approaches more and more people have realised our grow your own mushroom kits might make an interesting gift for coffee lovers and green-fingered foodies alike.

Our Kitchen Gardens  need to be opened within one month of delivery – they’re alive and ready to grow when you receive them – If your friends or family lead busy lives, (or are going on holiday around Christmas) it’s hard to know when’s the best time for them to get growing.This is for you (or them!)!

Gift Voucher Espresso Mushroom Company Kitchen GardenWe’ve made the gift voucher really to use, but also look good too – so it won’t look like you’ve waited til the last minute and bought an Amazon voucher out of desperation and we know you’ll get a better reaction than this!

This is how it works:

To buy

• You purchase a gift voucher on our website

• We’ll send an email confirming the purchase


To Give

• We post a lovely gift voucher to you – this contains the unique code

• Give your voucher to a friend!


To Redeem

• The prospective Kitchen Gardener redeems their gift straight from our website

• They simply need to go to the ‘Buy a Kitchen Garden’ page, add 1 Kitchen Garden to their basket and ‘checkout’

• On Checkout page, simply select ‘do you have a coupon or gift voucher’, enter the unique code, then proceed to enter your delivery details – they can even choose when it will be delivered

• We then deliver it, free of charge


More information and the small-print of our Gift Vouchers here 

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