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Join the green energy revolution with Ecotricity

The Espresso Mushroom Company is delighted to announce our new partnership with Ecotricity. Britain’s first and foremost green energy supplier has just one simple tariff – 100% Green Electricity. Oh, and you can switch to their Green Gas too.

When you switch to Ecotricity, we’ll send you a free Kitchen Garden AND two additional gift vouchers for our Pearl Oyster mushroom kits worth £33 to spend on our website in an offer worth £49.50.

Find out more by visiting Ecotricity’s website or quote ESP1 when you call the team on 08000 302 302 and they’ll take care of the rest.

You’ll know that Espresso Mushroom Company finds the environmental aspect of our business extremely exciting; the way we reduce the amount of coffee going to landfill, avert greenhouse gas emissions and upcycyle the coffee waste to mushrooms and high quality compost – so partnering with Ecotricity to bring you this special offer is fantastic – a sentiment they echoed “”Ecotricity is delighted to be partnering with Espresso Mushroom Company and offering the chance for our new customers to grow their own mushrooms on upcycled coffee grounds. Food and Energy are major contributors to all of our personal carbon footprints and we love the way Espresso Mushroom Company have turned a waste product into a great way of growing delicious oyster mushrooms.”

One free Kitchen Garden and 2 gift vouchers worth a total of £49.50 when you switch to Ecotricity

One free Kitchen Garden and 2 gift vouchers worth a total of £49.50 when you switch to Ecotricity

Ecotricity is an energy company unlike any other. It takes the money its customers spend on their energy bills and uses it to build new sources of Green Energy – harnessing power from the wind, the sun and the sea. Over the last nine years they’ve spent over £280 per customer per year doing so – that’s more than all of the other energy companies in Britain put together.*

Together Energy, Transport and Food account for 80 per cent of all of our personal carbon footprints. That’s why Ecotricity has looked beyond the boundary of energy. In Transport they’ve built the Nemesis – a world record-breaking electric supercar, in 2011 they launched their Electric Highway – the world’s first national network of charge points for electric vehicles.

The energy we use in our homes is responsible for around 30 per cent of the UK’s carbon emissions. So one of the single biggest things you can do to bring these emissions down is switch to a green energy supplier. And when you switch to Ecotricity they’ll use your bill money to build new sources of renewable energy. It’s a no-brainer.

So make the switch and make a difference. People:Power is at the heart of what Ecotricity do. And when you do, you’ll receive a free Kitchen Garden plus an Espresso Mushroom voucher worth £33 (which will buy you two more kits).

It’s really easy to switch and takes less than five minutes.
Find out more at or call free on 08000 302 302 – and remember to quote ESP1.


Terms and conditions
1. The offer is open to UK residents in the UK excluding N.Ireland, aged 18 or over. It’s not available to agents, distributors or any other person connected with the offer.
2. *The offer is conditional on you switching your electricity supply to Ecotricity on or before 31/12/13 having quoted the reference code printed above. For full terms and conditions, please go to

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Registered Number: 7917224