Say it with mushrooms

#MushroomLovers: Roses are red, mushrooms for you?

We all know about the aphrodisiac qualities of oysters, and have probably invited a partner round for a not so innocent coffee – now we’re hearing reports from mushroom lovers that Kitchen Gardens winning the hearts and satisfying the stomachs of food lovers around the country!

The Espresso Mushroom Company team – helped by the creative genius of Good For Nothing – are embracing the spirit of Valentines Day with three ways to get you (and your mushroom loving partner) in the mood….

1) Share a mushroom related Valentines poem

Here are some ideas to get you started…

Roses are red
Violets are blue
There’s nothing like a mushroom
to say
I love you


Roses are red
Violets are blue.
But it takes Espresso Mushroom
to really say
I love you


Be my valentine and the world will be our oyster (mushroom)


The best entry received on Twitter, Facebook or on our blog on 14th February will win a complimentary Kitchen Garden.

2) 15% off your Kitchen Garden – treat your loved one to a Kitchen Garden, to get 15% off, enter code MUSHROOMLOVER at top of checkout page

3) Send your loved one a hand written note to accompany the Kitchen Garden.

Valentine gift message for your mushroomsRobbie will personally hand write any romantic messages on any Gift Wrapped purchases – we can even send the pack anonymously – just add your message into the ‘notes’ section when placing your order!
Check back next week for a romantic oyster mushroom recipe.


If your partner doesn’t share your passion for mushrooms, these words of wisdom might help win them over…


If I had three wishes, I’d use them all on you,
we’d spend the day’s together and the night-times too.
Then that leaves just one wish sent from me to you.
I wish I wish I wish…

…that you love mushrooms too!





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