Moshimo pork teriyaki with leaks and oyster miushrooms

Mushrooms on the menu at FareShare Feast

We were delighted to contribute a few kilos of our fresh oyster mushrooms to the FareShare Feast in Brighton where three of Brighton & Hove’s leading food organisations are joined forces to celebrate the 10th anniversary of local charity FareShare Brighton & Hove: City College, FareShare and the Brighton & Hove Food and Drink Festival.

FareShare are an organisation that’s close to our heart. They work with the food and drink industry to redistribute quality surplus food to a community food network of organisations working with disadvantaged people.

young chefs prepare our oyster mushrooms at FareShare Feast

Espresso Mushroom Company upcycles coffee grounds, a form of food waste, to create top quality mushrooms with – and similarly at this feast the top nosh of Brighton’s restaurant scene (including The Hove Kitchen , terre a terre  , and of course our friends from Small Batch coffee) came together to work with City College trainees to produce a gourmet 5 course dinner – made entirely from food donated to FareShare – like a fancy version of Ready Steady Cook – photos of all the thrills and spills here.

Moshimo chefs helped create the lovely Pork teriyaki with leaks and oyster mushrooms, which was a winner.

Apparently a whole pallet of wasabi had been donated to FareShare (we expect that stuff never goes off) and terre a terre did their best to make an impression on that with a lush Soba noodle salad,crisp raw vegetables, miso and mirin plum dressing.

Moshimo Teriyaki with leak and our mushrooms with Dave and his cider sorbet

Moshimo Teriyaki with leak and our mushrooms (left) and Dave tucking into his cider sorbet

We were seated with the lovely VBites on one side and two apprentices from the City College on the other – their work was done earlier in the day working with Boho Gelato to make Cider Apple Sorbet earlier in the day.

It was really inspiring to meet Dave and Danny and get the inside track on how the sorbet was made – and similarly they wanted to find out more about growing mushrooms on coffee grounds. There’s something humbling about the way food can be a real leveler, we were both equally proud to have contributed to the Feast  – this time last year we were the apprentices!

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