One Planet City’s FotoDocument (featuring mushrooms)

Last year Brighton became the world’s first One Planet City thanks to its Sustainability Action Plan. This summer 10 photographers have been beavering away all over Brighton seeking out and taking great photos to represent this amazing achievement. Their works are now being exhibited all over the city as part of Brighton’s Photo Biennial.

We are very proud to be featured in a couple of these exhibitions, mainly our Pearl Oyster and Hot Pink mushrooms – behind the scenes at our farm, and completely support the ethos behind One Planet City – and it’s been inspiring to see how others are also doing their bit (and more) to live the values.

One Planet City is based on 10 founding principles of…
1- Health and happiness
2- Equity and local economy
3- Culture and community
4- Land use and wildlife
5- Sustainable water
6- Local and sustainable food
7- Sustainable materials
8- Sustainable transport
9- Zero waste
10- Zero Carbon
There are 10 exhibitions, each based around the principles, doted all over the Brighton and include some fantastic images and stories behind them.

London based photographer, Sam Faulkner, has featured the Espresso Mushroom Company as part of his work on Local and Sustainable Food.

He has travelled the world with his photography and has won a number of grants and prizes, including the Observer Hodge Award. Brightonians love their food, something which is reflected in his work and all the great food being produced in this area. We think his photos really showcase the beauty of Oyster mushroom in his behind the scenes photos of Jon and his hands at the farm. His work is currently displayed at Brighton Open Market, so if you are in the area, drop by and check out the exhibition – it features loads of other Local and Sustainable food producers too, and the photos are nicely displayed on wooden ‘wheel-barrows’; whilst you’re there you could even pick up a Kitchen Garden from the Foodshed!

Jon checking up on the mushrooms

One good looking mushroom farmer in the dark-room!

The fine gills and beautiful salmon colour of our Pink Oyster Mushrooms

The fine gills and beautiful salmon colour of our Pink Oyster Mushrooms

Assorted pink oyster mushrooms and pearl oyster mushrooms

Did you know Jon is a hand model in his spare time?

The Foodshed is a great social enterprise sponsored by the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership, showcasing a vast array of local produce. Its run by our friend  Josie Jeffery,who is really passionate about the environmental and nutritional benefits of locally produced food!
Another exhibit that includes us is Equity and Local Economy by Nick Waplington.

Originally from Steyning, Nick has been featured in many exhibitions and public collection around the world, including the Guggenheim Art Gallery in New York, the Biblioteque National in Paris and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. He is also due to have a show at the Tate next year. We are very proud to also be a part of his work, which is seeking to engage art with the world in which we live. To see his work, head down to the Amex Stadium and have a wonder around the outside of the building. We are sure that you’ll be able to easily spot our mushroom photos are certainly different to what you’d expect to see at a football stadium – and it’s a nice return for us, as we launched our very first Kitchen Garden at the Ecotec Show at the Amex back in June 2012. Nick’s photos were take over the summer when we were testing different ways to fruit our mushrooms and you can see they certainly are looking pretty experimental!

Hot Pinks and Pearl Oyster

Kitchen Garden Growbags with selection of mushroom shapes!


In addition to these two fantastic exhibits, we are also being featured in photographer Myka Baum’s work which is part of Brighton PhotoFringe. We love her work, and you can this exhibition, called “Autumn Germination: the sprouting of new ideas” is running until Monday at Vantage Point – all details here 


Myka  Spore Print

Myka’s unique oyster mushroom spore print


We love being based in Brighton, surrounded by such great creative energy and an innovative community. If you’re in town, do check details of all the One Planet City exhibitions here, and keep your eyes peeled from the moment you get off the train!

If these images have inspired you to take ‘arty’ shots of your mushrooms, we’d love to see them – and can add you to our Mushroom Hall of Fame. But you have to grow your own first!


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