Our Seedbombs

We are currently out-of-stock on our Seedbombs but here is what they are all about.

Growing your own is amazingly rewarding – and we’ve had so many positive messages from happy customers after growing their own mushrooms with our Kitchen Gardens, we put our minds to creating other products that make it enjoyable and satisfying to grow other edible delights.

Our Seedbombs, which are like seed-balls, come in three exciting varieties, each one bringing something different to the (garden) party:

Hot Leaf Salad Seedbomb from Espresso Mushrom Company showing the seedbombs

Hot Leaf SaladFresh leaves, bright flowers and flavoursome foliage will explode from this seedbomb! Mizuna, nasturtiums, garlic chives and rocket will add bite to your window box and heat to your summer salads. 

Wild Flower Tea Seedbomb from Espresso Mushroom Company with Chamomile Tea and cornflowers

Wild Flower Tea – Sweet scents, bright flowers and fragrant flavours will burst out of this seedbomb! Chamomile, cornflower, yarrow, fever few, and red clover: a treat for the plant pot and the tea pot too. Grow tea infusions from coffee!



Bumper Garden Veg Seedbomb from Espresso Mushroom Company with six handwrapped seedbombs

Bumper Garden Veg – Green shoots, yellow flowers, sweet and juicy fruits will reward the attentive seedbomber that tends to the summer’s crop. Tomato, cucumber, radish and pumpkin seeds will grow up, down and sideways. Help them on their way and enjoy your fruits of their labours!


Seedbombs cocoon the seeds protecting them from the elements – seeds that are not planted properly have quite a high failure rate as they can be eaten by birds or bugs, or not have good growing conditions. The seed ball that envelops the seeds gives them the best chance of success. Our unique Espresso Mushroom Compost nourishes them and gets them growing.

Young shoots from each seedbomb are pushing through - can you guess what they are yet?

Young shoots from each seedbomb are pushing through – can you guess what they are yet?


As well as creating these fantastic Seedbombs, we are really excited to be using our own compost in the seedbomb mix as this completed our upcycling.

When we grow mushrooms on coffee grounds we are left with two excellent things: 1. a lovely bunch of mushrooms 2. the ‘spent mushroom substrate’ which is essentially the coffee grounds after they’ve been broken down by the mushroom. We’ve always recommended to Kitchen Garden customers that they can use it as a soil enhancer, particularly for pot plants, and we’ve also been experimenting with how to best use it – after all, it’s our by-product – we’re happy to say that after composting it for over a year (and enjoying the bonus mushroom crops coming from the compost heap!) it’s perfect for the Seedbombs. It is nitrogen and protein rich with excellent water and nutrient retention qualities which help to give the Seedbombs the boost they need in their early stages.  

Like our Kitchen Gardens, the Seedbombs are hand made in Sussex. We’ve teamed up with Josie Jeffery who hand makes each and every seed-ball. Josie is the country’s authority on Seedbombs – she’s even written a book on the subject and runs workshops around the country.

The Seedbombs are simple to get growing: Throw – Grow – Nurture and Harvest – and over the next few months we’ll be updating our blog with more detail on the ‘Nurture’ stages for each variety, as well as recipe suggestions for the delicious vegetables you can grow, or ways to make the tea infusions from the Wild Flower Tea Seedbombs.

Watch this space.

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