Grow your own

We created the Kitchen Garden to share the excitement of growing your own. During the second week you’ll watch in amazement as the mushrooms literally double in size every day!

So if you’re a foodie, a seasoned gardener, want to get your kids excited about quality food or are simply looking for a green gift for your dad and always struggle, this is for you!

The kit contains everything you’ll need, just follow these Four Simple Steps (stages 5 and 6 are cooking and eating!)

Open Up

  • Remove growbag from top of box
  • Remove lightweight outer bag and rinse off any white growth from growbag
  • Carefully cut the bag open along the marked cross without cutting too deeply.
  • Peel off perforated card panel from front of box.



  • Submerge the growbag in cold water.
  • After 12 hours drain standing water from inside the pack and squeeze out air from the top.
  • Replace the bag into box and stand upright.
  • Attach water spray pump to suitable bottle.




  • Choose a cool, light airy spot for your Kitchen Garden, out of direct sunlight.
  • Spray the open cross with water mister at least twice a day, right through till harvest time.
  • You won’t see much for the first week, but in week 2 the mushrooms will start to emerge, doubling in size every day!



  • They’re ready to harvest when the caps start to turn up. If in doubt, check out these photos
  • Harvest the whole bouquet in one go – it’s a two handed operation!
  • Clasp the bouquet at the base, gently
  • twist and pull.