Send to friends – with your Christmas Card

We haven’t even been on Summer Holiday yet, so completely agree it feels a bit early to be talking about Christmas – but we had this idea that will appeal to the more organised (or super last-minute) amongst us, so wanted to share with you now.

We offer Gift Wrapping on our mushroom kits, and over the years Jon and Robbie have become experts at neat folds, tucked in corners, and beautifully curled ribbons. They also hand write any gift messages on the packs if requested in the order.

christmas gift wrapping grow your own mushroom kit

We also offer customers the option to ship to a different address, which many people take up already. And particularly useful for Christmas and Birthday orders, customers can select a delivery date for their orders on the checkout page – ideal if your remember your friend’s birthday that’s two months away, and want to arrange a gift before you forget it.

All useful features.

Furthermore, we’ve learnt over the years that our Kitchen Garden Grow Your Own Mushroom Kits are versatile gifts: Great for parents, grandparents, children, friends and long lost relatives etc – so often, people choose to do a mass-gifting to the family at Christmas and take advantage of our multi-buy price discounts, and a 10% discount for orders over £50.

Taking this one step further…

Last year we had a request to send out Christmas Cards with our gift wrapped mushroom kits, individually to 15 different friends and family. What a great idea we thought. Let’s make this a ‘thing’.

We’d like to invite you to send us your (pre-written) Christmas Cards, choose which gifts you’d like to send, and we’ll do the rest.

If you’d like to find out more, please drop Sam a line to and he’ll be happy to help with any questions.



We send a gift wrapped mushroom kit, and include a Christmas card that you have written and put in envelopes, addressed to individual friends and family. This will all be parcelled up and sent on the date you request, so that your friends and family receive gifts and cards at the same time, saving on postage costs.


  • Drop us an email to to let us know:
    • How many people you would like to send gifts to
    • When you would like them to arrive
    • What is your preferred delivery method (Royal Mail 48, or Fedex)
  • We agree the cost and take payment:
    • This is the hard part – you write your Christmas cards, and send them all to us. Also email us the postal address for each parcel.
    • We pack each parcel and dispatch it to the appropriate address.
    • Then your friends and family can race each other to grow the best mushrooms. Easy.


As Christmas is the time for giving and all that, we’re offering to receive your cards, and add them to the packages for no extra charge.

Additionally, we can offer volume based discounts for orders of 6 parcels or more, even though we’ll have additional postal costs. Details below, based on Pearl Oyster Kitchen Garden Kits.

  • 1 kit – cost per kit: £17.95 + 1.50 gift wrap
  • 2 kits – cost per kit: £16.00 + £1.50
  • Gift wrap 3 – 6 kits £15.73 per kit, including gift wrap
  • 6 kits or more £15 per kit including gift wrap.
  • Free upgrade to Hot Pink Kitchen Gardens if preferred for orders of more than 6 kits.

These prices include delivery by Royal Mail 48. If you would like them to be sent via Fedex, please add £6 per parcel.

Interested? Drop us a line on