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Pre-order your Christmas Gifts

I wrote this blog post in September last year, but despite that some people were left disappointed and mushroomless – as we sold out of Kitchen Gardens in 1st wk of December, so I thought it’s worth reminding people that we have set up a way for organised Christmas shoppers to order now, and get their Kitchen Garden(s!) delivered in December. In the meantime, we’re doing our best to make even more Kitchen Gardens; handling up to 500kg of coffee grounds each week!

We think our Kitchen Gardens make a good gift for pretty much everyone: if we hadn’t already, we’d be giving them to our mum & dad, to foodie friends, relatives with young children, work colleagues at secret Santa, and of course the neighbours who you normally resort to buying a box of amaretti biscuits for!

With this in mind, we’ve done two things to help

1) Order now, get delivery just before Christmas, at a date you choose.
Why? When you receive our Kitchen Gardens they’re ready to grow and should be opened within a month of purchase, by selecting a date in run-up to Christmas it’ll make sure the grow your own mushroom kits are as fresh as possible.

2) Special Prices if you buy two or more Kitchen Gardens
Why? For us, postage is the biggest single cost – so if you’re getting several kits sent to the same address it costs us less, and we pass this on to you.

3) 10% off your total purchase when you spend over £50 – that applies to Seedbombs and Kitchen Gardens
Perfect stocking fillers – Seedbombs and Mushrooms all round!

Free delivery is standard for all orders to the UK.

To take up these offers, simply go to our buy a Kitchen Garden or Shop Here page, and follow the steps. Book delivery date at ‘checkout’ stage. We will aim to deliver within a couple days of your selected date.

As each Kitchen Garden is handmade and takes one month to produce we expect to sell out, so get in there ahead of the rush!

Christmas Kitchen Garden gift

Santa’s little helpers Robbie and Jon with sacks full of Kitchen Gardens. Jon is the king of gift-wrapping!

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