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    Gourmet Mushroom kits, Gift Bundles, Speciality Coffee, Beautiful Cork Wallets, and Fantastic Seedbombs all round!

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Kitchen Gardens: Grow your own mushrooms in four simple steps: Open up – Water – Grow - Harvest

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Seedbombs: A simple way to get growing: Throw – Grow – Nurture – Harvest

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Gift Bundles: Check out our bundles for Foodies, Mushroom Lovers and Grow Your Own Enthusiasts

Cork Wallets: Beautiful natural fabric, soft yet strong. An excellent and environmentally friendly alternative to leather

Coffee: Our favourite world class coffees, hand roasted in Brighton and delivered to you

Tea Towels: Treat that somebody who’s got to do the washing up!

Hands-On Mushroom Kits: for enthusiasts who want to try something more hands-on and get adventurous with their mushroom cultivation.


Watch Them Grow


Check out our Pearl Oyster Kitchen Garden in this amazing time-lapse video



Here are a few of our favourite recipes for oyster mushrooms for you to get your teeth into!



Take a look at our gallery of customers mushrooms. If you've been growing - do send us some snaps of how you are getting on.

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