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Sonet to a Mushroom – #MushroomLover winner

Back in January we set a challenge to our mushroom loving friends to write a fun mushroom poem that could perhaps be sent as a valentine message along with our mushroom kits.

This has tapped into a rich vein of creativity and we’ve been entertained by so many great poems you’ve shared on our facebook  and as comments to the MushroomLover blog.

I couldn’t be responsible for picking a winner alone so enlisted the help of some Brighton romantics (and mushroom lovers themselves) including Mark, ring leader of Brighton Good For Nothing and founder of Them Big Oak Trees Amy from HiSbe, Yasmin from Lost Found ReMade and Sophie from PricePie

Competition was tough but after 3 days of deliberation, we’re delighted to announce the winner….

Liz Martinez with


My mushroom, don’t be wooed with roses red,
Mere money cannot tempt one deep as thee.
Just take me to your dank and musky bed,
(White linen sheets weren’t made for such as we.)
In fertile earth, where dark desires grow,
Amongst the coffee grounds I’ll lay me bare
And all my true affections to you show,
With soil and compost matted in our hair.
My champignon, my button, oh my pearl,
My sweet porcini, oyster, please be mine,
And ever more throughout this lovesick world
I’ll love thee, and proclaim thee, Valentine.
And when our steamy love has run its course,
In cream and wine I’ll baste you, dearest sauce.


Honourable mentions should also go to Shona Scott, James Moran and Janette Taylor for their literary alliterations below – so next time you want to send a gift to your friends, why not send them a note to accompany – we’ll extend our 15% off promotion until end of the weekend, just quote #MUSHROOMLOVER on checkout page


Coffee is brown, and mushrooms are cream,
When they work together,
They taste like a dream.
Home grown mushrooms,
Cooked in butter and wine,
To say “I love you”
What could be more divine?


Life without you,
is like a cep without dew,
A forest now barren,
where shiitake once grew.
But as we’re together,
And you are my girl,
My life is now richer,
Like an oyster with a pearl.



Your taste can be subtle
Your taste can be strong
But oh how I love you
We do just belong

To have you for dinner
Is what I proposed
It sure doesn’t matter
If you’re open or closed

With steak you’re perfection
With breakfast sublime
The one thing I know is
You’re here for all time

So Roses might be red
And violets be blue
I do not need them
When I have got you

If you bought a Kitchen Garden for your loved one let us know how you’re getting on.

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