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Summer lovin’

One of the best thing about growing your own mushrooms is the tasty return you get from nurturing the fellows, following them on their journey and eating something you love. If you adore mushrooms, these will really tingle your taste buds because they’re home-grown – supermarket mushrooms just don’t taste the same!

This might sound quite a bizarre concept to those that haven’t tried it yet, but if you have, you’ll understand that there’s something strangely compelling about getting home and seeing how much your mushrooms have grown while you’ve been away. You’ll find the twice-a-day ritual of watering your Kitchen Garden incredibly rewarding because there’s an exciting maturity phase for them just around the corner- and plenty of time to think about what you’ll cook!

Our time-lapse video explores the movement of a mushroom from Step One – opening the Kitchen Garden  to harvest, before your eyes, in you kitchen – which is something even a fanatical forager won’t get to see!

So what happens when your mushrooms are approaching their prime and you have to go on holiday??

For some of our customers, the answer is obvious!

Mushrooms on the road

Getting attached to your mushroom friends? Word on the road is that these kits are great to include into your holiday suitcase (or maybe perched on top of the case for safe transit!).

We’ve had a couple of shots sent to us of our humble Kitchen Gardens from across the globe! Apparently they LOVE camping in the rain, all that fresh humid air…

If your oyster mushrooms are ready for harvest whilst you’re away camping and you have a little stove or a quirky campfire, why not cook them up as a holiday feast? We’ve devised a one-pot oyster mushroom and potato curry recipe which is quick and easy if you fancy the alfresco style.

School’s out!

Having a staycation?

Fun growing your own mushroomsYou can still bring nature to your doorstep (or at least window-sill) –the grow your own kits have been a huge favourite with youngsters, watering them daily and monitoring their daily progress  – it’s a fantastic way not only to educate your little ones about the origins of food, but also to keep them occupied, providing them with that sense of responsibility in the summer months – it certainly beats looking after the school guinea pig – and of course, you can eat it at the end!

We’d love to see your mushroom holiday snaps – please share them with us by TwitterFacebook or drop us a line to – we’ll share our favourites! Happy holiday snapping!


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