Meet the mushroom makers

We are a group of coffee-drinking food lovers who’ve taken the next step to bring you the ultimate in fresh, local and sustainable produce!

We’re all in it for the love of the mushies and the genuinely innovative and environmental business we’re working on. Here’s an insight into what we actually do…

robbie with fresh oyster mushrooms


Our man on the grounds. He is involved in every aspect of our operation – tending to our fresh mushrooms on a daily basis, making deliveries, hand-packing each Kitchen Garden order and even doing the gift-wrapping.

We don’t know what Robbie’s favourite oyster mushroom dish is – he’s cooking them all the time. Last thing we heard about was some kind of mushroom ceviche.


Spends more time drinking coffee than picking mushrooms! His main job is working out how to capture all our enthusiasm for our fantastic mushrooms and share it with the wider world!

That said, he does make a mean latte, and is working on perfecting his oyster mushroom risotto recipe – although it is pretty good already!

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Is our man about town, literally. He says he officially ‘lives to give’, but actually takes a lot too; mainly waste coffee grounds from cafes in Brighton and Hove, then works on preparing them for the mushrooms! He’s personally collected over 4 tonnes – and on a bike!!

Jon claims he didn’t like mushroom when he started, but now can’t get enough. Apparently home-made chicken and oyster mushroom pie is what he makes when cooking to impress (recipe to follow!)

Registered Number: 7917224