Mega monster mushroom

Halloween Special – Monster Mushrooms!

Part of the excitement of growing your own is that you never know how your mushrooms will turn out – they come in all shapes and sizes – but it’s always a treat!


In to mark Halloween, we’ve dug out some of the Biggest-Monster-Mushrooms we’ve grown.
While they’re certainly not as scary as this parsnip, I think you’ll agree they’re pretty spectacular
But which is your favourite?

Contender 1: our original Monster Mushroom from way back last Spring

Monster Mushroom

The Original Monster Mushroom


Contender 2: One Mushroom Wonder (too big for a frying pan!)

One Mushroom Wonder

One Mushroom Wonder

Contender 3: The Mega Mushroom – harvested only last week!

The Mega Mushroom

Does this tempt you to try a Kitchen Garden yourself?

If not, maybe a tasty pumpkin and oyster mushroom Halloween recipe might be more up your street!

Of if you prefer more conventional looking oyster mushrooms, check out the gallery of Your Mushrooms on our website and others on Pinterest!

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