Say it with mushrooms

Valentines Gift – Say it with Mushrooms!

Valentines Day! Hasn’t it just been Christmas?
That’s what we thought too – but the demand for exciting Valentines gifts that are more original than a box of chocolates or bunch of roses is such that we wanted to let you know about our Say It With Mushrooms Valentines offer – a novel way for you to impress your nearest and dearest with a bouquet of the finest coffee fuelled oyster mushrooms you can grow at home!

10% off your Valentine’s Kitchen Garden – treat your loved one to a Kitchen Garden, to get 10% off, enter code MUSHROOMLOVER at top of checkout page.

Your can pre-order your Valentines Kitchen Garden delivery and select a date for delivery either directly to the lucky recipient (use our Next Day service to guarantee delivery on 14th), or get it sent to your office ahead of the big day – simply select the date on checkout page of the website.


Read on if you need any further inspiration…

Last year we also ran a competition for the more romantic and creative of our customers to share their mushroom Valentine poetry with us, below is Liz’s winning entry – you can read a few of the others here

My mushroom, don’t be wooed with roses red,
Mere money cannot tempt one deep as thee.
Just take me to your dank and musky bed,
(White linen sheets weren’t made for such as we.)
In fertile earth, where dark desires grow,
Amongst the coffee grounds I’ll lay me bare
And all my true affections to you show,
With soil and compost matted in our hair.
My champignon, my button, oh my pearl,
My sweet porcini, oyster, please be mine,
And ever more throughout this lovesick world
I’ll love thee, and proclaim thee, Valentine.
And when our steamy love has run its course,
In cream and wine I’ll baste you, dearest sauce.

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