Kitchen garden with perfect espresso at Small Batch coffee

We do the bit in the dark, so you don’t have to!

This blog is to answer one common question, and to tell you a bit more about how we hand-make each Kitchen Garden.

We quite often get comments like “I love the idea of your growing my own mushrooms in coffee, but I don’t drink coffee”, or “I drink a lot of coffee so it’s great I can use my coffee grounds for something good now” or even “I’d like to grow mushrooms but I don’t want to be messing around with mould in my airing cupboard” – when people say these thing we love the fact they’re thinking about us, but realise we haven’t properly communicated what the Kitchen Garden does or how it works.

Very simply, there are two stages to growing mushrooms:
our grow room in the dark

Stage 1 – the part in the dark.

This is where the mushroom effectively ‘takes root’ in the coffee, it takes about a month for this to fully happen


Kitchen garden with perfect espresso at Small Batch coffee

Stage 2 – the part in the light.

This is the exciting part – when the mushrooms grow. That takes about 2 weeks.
When we send you our Kitchen Gardens, we’ve done stage one at the farm, so you’re straight onto the fun part where you grow your own oyster mushrooms in 4 simple steps

What this means is that 1) you can grow a Kitchen Garden even if you don’t drink coffee and 2) if you do get through loads of coffee, you’ll have to find another use for it – like deterring slugs from your veg patch, use it to feed the soil in your garden, or even as a skin exfoliant!

It also means that we need to collect coffee for each and every Kitchen Garden we make, carefully prepare the growbags, and keep an eye on them every day for a month before we send them to you. If you live in Brighton, you might see Jon cycling around town with a trailer full of coffee grounds in the back. Small Batch cafes are our favourite (they make lots of very good coffee and also sell our kits).

Hand packed Kitchen Gardens ready to growAfter a month or so (each one is different – some are faster, others can take longer!), we select the growbags individually and pack them into the boxes along with the spray pump and a recipe card, then wrap them and send them on their way to abstemious and excessive coffee drinkers alike.

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